Hortman Clinics

Hortman Clinics is a collection of premium wellness and aesthetic institutions in Dubai that is famous for its innovative and individual approach to each client with a personal care about their beauty and well being.

Hortman Clinics was born from a unique vision to transform aesthetics, wellness, and health programs and procedures into personalized experience journeys.

The clinics offer comprehensive and personalized treatment plans in the areas of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, nutrition, as well as laser treatments, anti-aging procedures and hair transplantation.

Led by our medical excellence specialists, each program and every procedure is ensuring a personalized approach towards achieving your most optimal results.

Burj Al Salam Tower, 32 floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
+971 4 5662615, +971 52 2005011